Mission Moments

Human Rights in Social Services

Here in the United States, people routinely speak about their rights. Fundamental rights of Americans are described in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the Constitution. In a broad sense, our rights can be classified as human, legal and civil, and laws at all levels of government help to ensure that these rights apply […]


Cancer Survivor as Mentor

Someone who serves as a trusted counselor or coach to someone less experienced is called a mentor. In the worlds of business, academics and science, professional mentors serve as practical guides or tutors to those entering the field. Adult mentors serve as engaged role models to children in clubs and organizations. There’s a lesser known […]


2016 Impact Report

This year, thousands of people walked through our doors with stories of heartbreak, loss and – just as often – inspiring bravery.     Everyone loves a story. What if you could help write the ending?  Make your impact. Donate today.


With New Ware Office, CHD Can Serve More Youth

CHD, which for many years has provided mental health services to the Ware community, is establishing its first physical presence in Ware with offices at 2 South Street. This will enable CHD to extend services in Ware as well as neighboring communities. An official opening for the offices at 2 South Street was held on […]


Jim and Dawn- A Story of Shared Living

Jim is an easy-going, 54-year-old man who loves to play games, especially dominoes. He pays attention to details and makes deliberate plays after careful consideration. Jim really likes to win, but he’s never a sore loser if things don’t go his way. His sense of humor adds to the fun. Dawn loves to play games, […]