Mission Moments

Sometimes, Finding the Good in People Just Takes a Closer Look

By Kimberley A. Lee VP Office of Advancement My daughter Nolah and I were together on a recent trip to the grocery store. We picked up steak tips, and French bread, then saw a large bin with freshly picked corn on the cob. Nolah pays close attention to detail and she noticed many ears had […]


How Are You, Really?

How are you? Three little words asked in passing and often without much real thought. Hi, how are? How’s it going? All questions meant to elicit a response as to someone’s health and emotional well-being. Yet, for just as many times as we ask the question, are there equal number of occasions when we actually […]


CASA Volunteers: In the Best Interest of the Child

Imagine you’re 11 years old. It’s the middle of the night and police have arrived to investigate a report of domestic violence. Tempers flare and it’s obvious you’ve been abused. For your safety, a social worker is removing you from your home. You’re going to live with a foster family in another town. You’ll be […]


Meet Aaron- a Disability Resources Volunteer

Consider this simple truth: CHD could not do all that we do without the selfless help of volunteers. They give the gift of themselves through many of our programs – programs that help people of all ages, in all walks of life, and facing a wide array of challenges. I’d like to share with you […]


Recognizing And Nurturing Talent

Brooklyn Mack grew up in Elgin, South Carolina. He was just 12 years old when he went on a field trip to see the Radenko Pavlovich Dance Company perform. Instantly impressed with the athleticism of the dancers, he asked his mom to dance. His mother responded positively and championed on behalf of her son in […]