Mission Moments

Relaxation and Bonding through Infant Massage

Several sets of parents arrive at CHD’s Early Intervention playroom, all carrying their babies. The grownups sit down on the mat and position the babies on their backs, heads resting on a pillow. Some little ones are fidgety and others quiet, but there is a sense of anticipation among them. Over the past few weeks, […]


Feelings Are Mentionable and Manageable

Fred Rogers, famous as TV’s Mister Rogers, was a gentle, thoughtful man whose unique way of talking about feelings put children at ease. When he testified before Congress in 1969 for public support of intelligent TV programming for children, Rogers told the Senate Commerce Committee chairman that “feelings are mentionable and manageable.” These words came […]


On Being a Good Neighbor

Recently, a very close friend of our family passed away. Though I miss her terribly, she lived a good, long life and her sunny outlook touched so many people. As I thought about the happy times we had shared, I realized that the care and support we had given her had helped her to remain […]


Generous Support, Immediate Impact

It’s so gratifying when CHD receives a generous grant that results in positive outcomes quickly. Recently, funding from the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts enabled CHD to equip four Caring Together group homes with therapeutic materials for a Sensory Space, which helps the teen-aged girls who live there to de-escalate emotionally. The materials now available […]


Time is what moms really want from their kids every Mother’s Day

Anna Jarvis created Mother’s Day in 1908 with a memorial service for her mother at her church in Grafton, West Virginia. According to various sources, Anna’s mother, Ann, was a peace activist who had cared for wounded soldiers on both sides during America’s Civil War. Daughter Anna wanted to honor her mother and all mothers […]