Mission Moments

Pack Your Bag, You’re Moving

By Kimberley A. Lee VP Office of Advancement for CHD Imagine you’re five or nine or maybe 15 years old. You’re handed a black plastic trash bag and instructed to put the few things you own into that bag because your case worker is picking you up to move you to a different foster home. Being told to toss what little worldly possessions you own into a […]


Sometimes, Finding the Good in People Just Takes a Closer Look

By Kimberley A. Lee VP Office of Advancement My daughter Nolah and I were together on a recent trip to the grocery store. We picked up steak tips, and French bread, then saw a large bin with freshly picked corn on the cob. Nolah pays close attention to detail and she noticed many ears had […]


How Are You, Really?

How are you? Three little words asked in passing and often without much real thought. Hi, how are? How’s it going? All questions meant to elicit a response as to someone’s health and emotional well-being. Yet, for just as many times as we ask the question, are there equal number of occasions when we actually […]


CASA Volunteers: In the Best Interest of the Child

Imagine you’re 11 years old. It’s the middle of the night and police have arrived to investigate a report of domestic violence. Tempers flare and it’s obvious you’ve been abused. For your safety, a social worker is removing you from your home. You’re going to live with a foster family in another town. You’ll be […]


Meet Aaron- a Disability Resources Volunteer

Consider this simple truth: CHD could not do all that we do without the selfless help of volunteers. They give the gift of themselves through many of our programs – programs that help people of all ages, in all walks of life, and facing a wide array of challenges. I’d like to share with you […]