How you can help

We are extremely grateful for your assistance as we strive to bring stability to families in our community

Donate to Family Outreach of Amherst

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Why donated to FOA?
WDonate-Now-Buttonhat makes a healthy community? Having resources families can turn to when they need help. Consider these scenarios:


  • A couple’s children are removed from their home because of safety concerns. Three months later the husband dies in a car accident.
  • A man who has escaped the violent gangs of his country is struggling to raise his two traumatized children.
  • A teenager is struggling in school, he is sad because both his brothers are in jail, and his mom is very ill.
  • A homeless teen mom is struggling to find a home, a job, and a way to give her child a safe and secure life.


Viewed as the safety net for struggling families in Amherst, FOA caseworkers are there to help struggling families take care of their immediate needs, and then build the long-term relationships that will help them keep their housing stable, their families intact, their children learn to be successful in school, and break the cycle of poverty and trauma that have dominated their lives.

FOA has served the Amherst community for 25 years, and the demand has never been greater. We help struggling families every day, and so can you. By donating to Family Outreach of Amherst, you are directly supporting that mother’s struggle to get her kids back, or that dad’s effort to keep his kids safe, or that little boy, working to have a brighter future.

Your donation will help struggling families in our area and improve our community.

Become a Friend of Family Outreach:

Together, we can do more.


For low-income families, sometimes a little can mean a lot. We hope you will consider becoming a Friend. Friendship is based simply on a willingness to receive periodic e-mails requesting assistance and a desire to stay informed. It can change lives–both yours and the people you help. To get started, simply send an e-mail message to Family Outreach of Amherst Office Manager, Rachel Condry, at

When faced with a crisis, just getting by can be overwhelming. Friends of Family Outreach assist in small ways that make a big difference.

Linked by e-mail, our Friends step in when an FOA caseworker discovers a need that cannot be met through regular channels. “They help us expand our budget and services so much,” says FOA Program Director Laura Reichsman. “I don’t know what we would do without them.”

Our Friends have helped by:

  • providing snow boots to a young child so she could play outside during recess
  • helping a single mother of four with her electric bill so she could buy groceries that month
  • sponsoring a child for a week of camp so he could escape the worries of a difficult home life
  • helping a homeless family move from a relative’s living room to an apartment of their own by contributing to the first month’s rent.



FOA is developing a volunteer program to help families struggling to get to doctor visits and the grocery store. Want to volunteer? Please email FOA Director Laura Reichsman at


Contribute on Valley Gives Day

As described on the Valley Gives Website, “During Valley Gives Day, western Massachusetts nonprofits collaborate with the goal of getting thousands of Valley residents to support their favorite nonprofits. By participating, donors will help charities become eligible for special prizes totaling as much as $225,000″. Click the Valley Gives Website link above to read more.

2016 Valley Gives Day Results

One of FOA’s largest expenses is gas – $6,000 a year! FOA needs $500.00 per month to fill our gas tank and ensure that fragile families receive the services they need to stay safe, healthy and housed. We raised $3,292 out of our goal of $6,000!

Thank you to everyone who donated on Valley Gives Day. We appreciate your generosity!