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You can feel better.

Life is filled with challenges. But if your challenges are preventing you from making the most of your talents, enjoying healthy relationships and living the life you want, CHD can help. Our mental health and addiction clinics offer neighborhood-based, compassionate counseling and treatment services to address a range of issues including:


Individual, group, family and couples counseling (therapy)

Different problems are best addressed in different manners and according to each persons wishes. Depending on your individual situation, individual one-on-one counseling with a therapist or counselor may be recommended. In many instances, family or marital concerns are a large part of why people seek counseling, in these situations, marital or family therapy may be the best option. Different clinic locations also offer groups tailored to address specific concerns or to use specific treatment methods such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Our experienced therapists will discuss the best options for you.

Psychiatry / Medication Management

CHD’s staff of experienced psychiatrists and advanced practice psychiatric nurse practitioners are skilled at assessing each persons situation and determining whether medication could help them improve. If medication is recommended as an option for you, or if your situation would benefit from additional evaluation, your counselor or therapist may refer you to one of our doctors or nurse practitioners. Their practice is limited to people who are already working with a CHD counselor or therapist.

Referrals and Insurance

We accept most insurance plans including Medicaid, Medicare, MassHealth, Blue Cross / Blue Shield, Health New England, Cigna and other private insurance carriers. Please call us for more information.

For all new clients and new referrals to get more information or request an appointment, please call us at 1 – 844 – CHD – HELP or click here to request an appointment.

To contact an individual clinic please click here

CARF_GoldSeal_144pxAbout our clinics

All of CHD’s CARF Accredited outpatient clinics offer comprehensive mental health and addiction services. However, since staff composition at each clinic will vary, locations may differ in some of the sub-specialties offered. Please visit the web page of each clinic for more details on staffing and specialties. We have the following convenient Massachusetts locations:






West SpringfieldWorcester

Healers above all

Each CHD clinic is staffed with experienced, caring mental health and addiction treatment professionals who have devoted years of their lives to understanding and helping people in pain. Our therapists and counselors are passionately committed to promoting the growth and development of children, adults, and families — using every resource available.

Welcoming and accessible

CHD clinics welcome all everyone, without regard to race, religion, sex, age, economic status, education, sexual orientation, gender identification, disability or ethnic origin.  Counseling and therapy is available in many languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Services are provided at our conveniently located offices. In some cases, arrangements can be made for outreach services to be provided in the home or other settings. CHD Outpatient Behavioral Health Services also provides employee assistance counseling to area businesses and to persons referred by companies participating in the national Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Working Well: A Toolkit for Supporting Employees with Mental Health Conditions

Forward-thinking employers understand that investing in mental health and wellness produces positive returns through increased productivity and decreased disability costs. In fact, it’s central to caring for your most important asset—your workforce. So what are some things you can do as a business owner or human resources professional? Learn more here. 

Current Clients Input Needed

If you currently have a therapist or prescriber (psychiatrist or nurse practitioner) at one of the CHD outpatient clinics, please click here to participate in a brief anonymous survey to help us be sure we continue to provide high quality services.

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