Therapeutic Mentoring

Helping Youth be Successful in the Community

Therapeutic Mentoring-Child Learning to Ride a Bike                   Therapeutic Mentoring-Child and Adult Feeding Ducks

Therapeutic mentoring (TM) services offer one-to-one strength-based support to youth under age 21. Addressing daily living, social, and communication needs, Therapeutic mentoring is designed to help youth develop relationship skills through participation in recreational, athletic, artistic, educational, vocational, and social activities as well as activities of daily living based in the community.

The therapeutic mentor develops an individual action plan with the clinician, family, and youth. This plan helps to ensure the youth’s success in various social situations by learning new skills while the therapeutic mentor offers supervision of interactions and provides strategies for youths to succeed. Therapeutic mentors spend an average of two hours a week with a child. The average length of the mentor/child relationship is six to 12 months.

Program Components

·         Directed time with youth in activities in the home and community that are designed to meet the goals the Individual Action Plan

·         Coach, support and train the youth to be successful in navigating various social contexts, learning new skills and making functional progress

·         Teach alternative strategies and provide anticipatory guidance

·         Role plays and behavioral rehearsal

·         Skill acquisition and practice in the community

·         Provide exposure to social situations in which age-appropriate skills can be practiced

·         Enhance conflict resolution skills

·         Develop communication skills


The Referral Process

Children or adolescents must have MassHealth for insurance and be referred by an outpatient counselor, In-Home Therapy program, or Intensive Care Coordination. If you are connected to one of these services, please discuss with them whether Therapeutic Mentoring might be right for your situation. If you are not, and are interested in counseling, please contact our Counseling Centers at 1 – 844 – CHD – HELP or click here to complete an on-line request for an appointment. Our counselors can help determine how best to help.

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Program Director: Michael Rowan