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Stress Relief Coloring Poster a Big Hit at Goodwin House

Employees at Goodwin House, CHD’s residential substance use treatment center serving boys aged 13-17 recently installed a stress relief coloring poster for staff, and it’s proving quite popular.

They got the idea after seeing such posters used in hospitals for nurses to use for a mental health/stress break. The catchphrase on the poster says it all: “Nothing is impossible.” Daniella Grimaldi, the program director, thinks the saying matches the Goodwin House philosophy perfectly.

“The poster gives staff a break while they’re working intensely with those we serve, and it gives them an opportunity to get creative,” said Grimaldi. “The other day a resident and I were coloring it, so it’s not just for staff anymore. It gives us a different way to communicate with the youths. It’s interactive.”

Program Supervisor Angela Prude agrees. “It’s a good self-care tool, not only for us, but also for our residents,” she said. It’s therapeutic and calming.”

The work-in-progress is in the dining room, and the finished product will be displayed in the third floor common area. It looks great so far!

Pictured are (L-R) Angela Prude, Jennifer Ciavola, and Daniella Grimaldi.