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2024 Regional Grant Writing Training Series—Grants: Nonprofits’ Hidden Gems

-May 14
-September 10

Virtual Series
3:00-5:00 p.m.

CHD obtained $32 million in state, federal and private grant funding in FY23 from nearly 50 funders, with individual awards ranging from less than $10,000 to $5,000,000.

Speakers: CHD Grants Team Members Jennifer Higgins, Ph.D., MBA; Kelley Tice, MSW; Morgan Holland, B.S. 

$250 Each Individual Session

The Center for Human Development’s Grants Team provides tips on writing grants persuasively, clearly, and successfully. This training series covers the basics of prospect research, introduction to grant writing, and advanced grant writing tips and techniques. Key takeaways from each of these four training sessions include:

January 9-Prospect research: Prospecting does not only include casting a broad net. Considerations must be given to efficient and effective research of potential grant resources. This session provides practical advice for getting the best “bang for your buck,” from deciding which search tools to use to preparing curated lists of viable funding opportunities for boards and leaders to vet.

March 12-Introduction to grant writing: Especially helpful for novice or early-stage grant-writers, whether full-time or part-time in their positions, this training session covers all steps in the grant preparation process. Building upon the teachings imparted during the prospecting session, this training touches on the grant vetting process; debunks commonly-held grant-writing myths; delves into succinct, clear and persuasive writing techniques; and helps participants construct a plan to develop a solid and fundable grant application.

May 14-Advanced grant writing techniques: From art to science, this session addresses creative and timely methods for producing cutting-edge deliverables. Trainers will explore techniques, including AI, critically examining the costs and benefits of more expensive grant writing and research tools. Real-world examples will be used to educate and guide more advanced grant-writers in their crafts and businesses. Keynote Speaker will be Delcie Bean., a local renowned IT professional, speaker, and innovator.

September 10-Grant awards management: So you got the grant; now what? Careful review of available options for managing awards, from pre- to post-awards, will be covered in this important training session. We know that the most successful grant writers are highly organized and, even when this skill set does not come naturally, there are ways of organizing that won’t break the bank or, better yet, curb your writing enthusiasm. We will explore these options and more in this timely training.

For more information, contact Jennifer Higgins at 413-439-2138 or [email protected].   



Jennifer Higgins, Ph.D., MBA

Dr. Higgins is the Director of Grants at CHD, where she manages a small, nimble and highly skilled team of grant writers while simultaneously identifying cutting-edge grant funding opportunities designed to be aligned with the mission and needs of the thriving agency. She holds a doctorate in gerontology and a master’s of business administration in nonprofit management. Dr. Higgins has been writing grants for nearly three decades.


Kelley Tice, LCSW

Kelley Tice is a highly-skilled grant writer with more than 10 years’ experience working for a community health center and two behavioral health organizations. Prior to grants work, she worked in not-for-profit fundraising and earned a master’s in social work.


Morgan Holland, BS

Morgan Holland is a grant writer with a decade of established work in Greater Springfield’s non-profit sector. She holds a particular interest in intersectionality and community development and has been recognized for her work statewide.