CHD in Our Communities: A Bed for Every Child

In addition to the critical direct services we provide for thousands of families and children in the Bay State and Connecticut, CHD often partners with other agencies across the state to offer enhanced benefits when we can. In December,these included nine beds for children previously without them.

It’s hard to imagine children with homes may still not have a proper place on which to lay their heads at night. But, it is a grim reality for some.

CHD partnered with Massachusetts-based “A Bed for Every Child” to provide nine beds to children around the Pioneer Valley. Volunteers from CHD’s maintenance and Community Engagement teams loaded a truck and personally delivered bed frames, mattresses, pillows, warm new bedding and plush toys for good measure to ensure a good night’s sleep for these kids.

Madison, a mother of twin boys with autism, called the donations a blessing.

“A blessing happened to us today. I thank CHD so much for helping us out. I hope everyone enjoys this blessing as much as we do,” she told a volunteer.

The beds were donated by the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, which launched the Bed for Every Child initiative five years ago.During outreach efforts in public schools, teachers in low-income areas reported many of their students were coming to class having had little sleep the night before because they had no beds.

This was the second year CHD aligned with Bed for Every Child.

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