CHD has received CARF accreditation!


CARF is the acronym for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. CARF is an organization that reviews and grants accreditation services nationally and internationally. CARF standards are rigorous, so services that meet them are among the best available.

CARF is an independent nonprofit organization. Its focus is on ensuring people receive high quality services from other organizations. CARF also provides consultation to organizations so they can improve their delivery of services.

Through CARF accreditation, CHD has made a major commitment to quality through a voluntary process of accountability. CARF holds us all accountable for meeting nationally and internationally recognized standards of performance.

Accreditation means CHD has passed an in-depth review of our services and has met CARF’s rigorous standards through an on-site survey by skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

By choosing a CARF-accredited organization like ours, you can be ensured that we have met performance standards that are internationally recognized, and that were developed with input from consumers we serve. Other benefits include the following:

  • Identification as an organization meeting internationally developed quality standards;
  • Assurance to persons served that CHD meets internally accepted standards;
  • Assurance to funding sources, referral agencies, payers, regulators, and other providers of the quality of programs and services provided;
  • Guidance for responsible management that promotes active, dynamic planning focused on positive outcomes, impact, and organizational development;
  • Enhanced safety and risk management;
  • Increased funding and reimbursement opportunities;
  • Practices that demonstrate accountability, person-centered service delivery, teamwork, networking, and on-going professional development;


CHD has been accredited in the following program areas during our first application: AMH Springfield, Holyoke, Hartford and Waterbury; DDS programs; all OBHS clinics. Other programs will be accredited in time.

3 thoughts on “CARF

  1. Good morning,
    Four questions:
    1. Is Goodwin House CARF accredited?
    2. After enrolling in the Goodwin House program, will residents start school at Liberty?
    3. What activities do the boys engage, e.g. sports, art, music, etc?
    4. Is Goodwin House a 12-Steps program?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Phyllis, thank you for your response and questions about Goodwin House. Please direct all questions to CSilloway@CHD.ORG for answers to these questions. Chantal is the director of Goodwin House and will be able to help you out with that! Thank you.

  2. Hi Nicky, sorry to hear about your current situation. We have forwarded your concerns to the correct department to help out. We hope that it will all be sorted out. In the meantime, we advise you to call us at (413) 733 – 6624 to speak directly!

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