Human Rights

Human Rights Program

CHD’s Human Rights System promotes an understanding of human dignity, upholds civil liberties, and protects the legal rights of those who are served by our agency. Every person supported, related to, affiliated with, and employed by CHD is responsible for supporting the culture of universal rights. The promotion of human rights at CHD is to ensure that liberties are not withheld from anyone and that at any moment can be enjoyed by everyone.

Two major components of the system are Human Rights Advocates/Officers (HRA/O) and Committee members.  HRA/O are staff members who advocate for the individuals within their programs while simultaneously modeling and training current and new staff members on their role in safeguarding human rights. In one program, an Advocate has worked diligently with clients to ensure that all are registered to vote. Another advocate is supporting an individual to develop financial and budgeting skills to transition to living in their own apartment.  There are countless other stories of Advocates promoting dignity across the agency.

Another key part of the system is the Human Rights Committee.  The Committee is made up of community volunteers with experience in the mental health, youth service, advocacy, medical, and legal fields.  Volunteer members bring needed expertise and help assure and support the rights of the individuals served by CHD. They also serve as ambassadors, educating people outside the agency about the need to integrate human rights into our culture of understanding.

For more information, please contact Ken Morey, CHD’s Human Rights Coordinator at