Cancer Education Series

We are grateful to the Caritas Cancer Center and the caring doctors who volunteer their time at the Lecture Series.


Did you miss Dr. Timothy Johnson’s presentation entitled “How Can I Reduce My Risk of Cancer and Cancer Recurrence?”  Scroll down and watch it on CHD’s youtube channel!

The lecture reviews multiple topics, including: 1) screening guidelines; 2) how lifestyle choices and diet influence the risk of developing cancer; 3) treatments for high risk individuals to prevent cancer; and 4) treatments, lifestyle choices, and diet to reduce cancer relapse.


Did you miss the last lecture on free services & options available to those living with cancer, and their caregivers & loved ones with Representatives from the American Cancer Society, the Cancer Connection,and the Corporate Angel Network? Not to worry!  One of the attendees was kind enough to film it!  Scroll down for the video!

While we are used to hearing the phrase “there are no free lunches in life”, there actually are free services & options available to those living with cancer, along with caregivers & loved ones! And even better, no insurance needed, no insurance approvals, and no doctor referrals required! We had a great interactive discussion where attendees learned about free services that are available – ranging from rides to appointments, yoga, reiki, support groups, and even flights for travel to treatment or a consultation!

The House regularly hosts members of the local cancer treatment community to share their knowledge with our members. These events are open to the public and (like everything at the House) completely free-of-charge. Of course, the House does exist entirely thanks to the generosity of people who believe in our mission, so if you’d like to support what we do, please consider making a donation by clicking here.

We host the lectures every other month so check in frequently to see who’s coming by next!

Thank you to all of the people who make a difference in this community by helping those affected by cancer.