Single Room Occupancy Outreach Project

CHD’s Single Room Occupancy Program (SRO) has been providing outreach and case management services to low-income at-risk adults in Hampshire County for 35 years. Staff provide support services needed to overcome major barriers, prevent homelessness and hunger, and to enhance the quality and stability of their lives.

Mailing Address: CHD Single Room Occupancy: C/O First Churches, 129 Main Street, Northampton, MA 01060

Phone: (413) 584-4457


The complex needs among SRO residents continue to grow in the Northampton, Easthampton and Florence communities. Feedback from SRO resident surveys, formal and informal discussions with SRO residents and members of the community that access the SRO Food Pantry, indicates that assistance with housing stability, food security, access to medical and mental health appointments, transportation and the establishment of community linkages as the critical need areas.  SRO staff report that this feedback is consistent with what they are hearing in local, regional and statewide provider network meetings. The SRO Outreach Program sustains a comprehensive outreach program for SRO residents and low-income residents in the Northampton and Florence communities. The program implements effective policies, practices, and services for SRO residents and low-income citizens that are responsive and sensitive to the critical needs as previously identified. As a locally-managed program that is well connected to the Hampshire County social service system, the SRO program utilizes a wraparound approach which provides for continuity of care and of relationship and linkages to other community programs.  In this way, access to services is a conduit to community connections and relationships as individuals’ receive support and needed services (e.g., medical care, transportation, housing stability, landlord mediation, clinical supports, food, federal and state entitlements).

The program also operates a food pantry out of the basement of the First Congregational Church in Northampton.

Food Pantry Wish List


FOOD                                                          WOMEN’S TOILETRIES                                  GENERAL
Cereals                                                         Sanitary Pads                                                    Toothpaste
Granola                                                        Face Soap                                                          Dental Floss
Vegetables / variety                                    Face Cream                                                       Toilet Paper
Pasta / variety                                             Body Lotion                                                       Tooth Brushes
Pasta Sauces / variety                                Razors                                                                 Hand Sanitizer
Cooking Oils                                                Deodorant                                                         Soap / Body Wash
Fruits (canned)                                                                                                                        Wash Cloths
Beans / variety                                            MEN’S TOILETRIES                                          Hairbrushes
Soups / variety                                            Shaving Cream                                                  Combs
Nuts / variety                                              Razors                                                                 Shampoo/Conditioner
Canned meats / all kinds                           Deodorant                                                          Polident / Poligrip
Cookies / Graham Crackers