Connecticut Programs

CHD’s Connecticut programs provide critical services to individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues, and to other at-risk populations. Our philosophy is simple. We have faith in the potential of all human beings. In today’s culture, where instant results are expected all too often, and where people are “written off” if they fail too many times, we have made a commitment to keep faith with our clients. We don’t give up on anyone. We will work with clients until they are able to live soberly and independently, and are fully integrated into the community.

CHD provides a range of support services, including coaching/specialing, fiduciary services, and several housing programs. Services are provided to adults 18 years or older in the Greater Hartford area, New Milford, Torrington, and the Greater Waterbury area. Not all services are available in all areas.

Please note that with the exception of our coaching/specialing services, a referral from the Western Connecticut Mental Health Network is required to access CHD Connecticut’s programs. Coaching/specialing services may be provided on a fee-for-service basis. 

Residential Services

Individuals with mental illness who have been hospitalized or detained face many challenges when they re-enter the community. Our residential support services include a variety of programs designed to help these men and women establish and maintain stability and sobriety.  Learn more

Supportive Housing (PILOTS)

In keeping with our mission of providing services, to people “where they live”, CHD provides permanent housing support and mental health services to homeless persons with diagnosed mental illness and substance abuse issues.  Learn more


Our coaching/specialing programs provide supervision, companionship, support and role modeling for at-risk clients until they are able to live soberly and independently, and are fully integrated into the community.  Learn more

Fiduciary Services

CHD provides financial oversight and management services to help young adults achieve and maintain an independent lifestyle. Our fiduciary services programs teach clients basic budgeting, banking, check writing and the importance of meeting financial obligations.  Learn more

Hospitality Center

The CHD Hospitality Center provides homeless persons in the greater Waterbury area with a place to take a shower, do laundry, use a computer or telephone, collect mail, take shelter from bad weather, and enjoy a brief respite from life on the streets.  Learn more

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Greater Hartford Area: (860) 951-3325
Waterbury, Torrington, Danbury, Waterbury: (203) 596-9323
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Mon.– Fri.