Coaching / Specialing

Mental health professionals know that one of the most effective ways to treat individuals with serious mental illness and/or substance abuse problems is through personal, one-on-one coaching, with continuous encouragement and support. Our coaching / specialing programs provide supervision, companionship, support and role modeling for at-risk clients until they are able to live soberly and independently, and are fully integrated into the community.

In Connecticut, CHD provides coaching and specialing services for clients integrating back into the community. Many of our clients face a difficult transition from years spent in a state psychiatric hospital or prison environment. Joining the “real world” of responsibility, self-reliance and relationships can be challenging for these individuals. At CHD, we work hard to help our clients master the social, communications and daily living skills they need to build productive lives.

CHD Connecticut offers two levels of coaching/specialing: transitional coaching and community coaching (also known as general coaching). Both services are available through referrals from a mental health agency, or on a self-referral (fee-for-service) basis.

Transitional Coaching (Hartford)

Transitional coaching is aimed specifically at the inpatient or immate who is being discharged from an institution into a community setting. The process of reintegrating a client into society can be very challenging, especially when he or she has been confined for many years.  Our team focuses on making sure that our clients continue to receive any treatment / medications needed, as they learn independent living skills and become reoriented to society.

Community Coaching (All Regions)

Our community coaching program (also known as general coaching) provides services to clients who are already living in the community, but who may be struggling to manage their lives and meet the expectations and requirements set for them. Without the intervention of a coach, these individuals are often at risk for rehospitalization. The goal of CHD’s community coaching program is to help these clients get back on track by teaching and modeling the skill sets needed for success. Coaching is available on a fee-for-service basis.