Hospitality Center

Waterbury, CT

The CHD Hospitality Center on East Main Street in Waterbury is a place for people who are homeless to get in touch with themselves and connect with transitional services while in the process of moving towards stability. We encourage our participants to move forward with our past, present, and future model. We share tranquility, peace and hope to all our participants as they confront their barriers and engage in a balanced life.

People who are homeless lack a place where the mind, body and soul are nurtured – an essential component to establishing and maintaining stability. We help our participants to help themselves by promoting comprehensive wellness to give our participants a better chance to end homelessness. Participants are encouraged to connect with services that aid in helping them escape the cycle of poverty including those offered by our partners: Waterbury Health department health counselor (HIV testing and health classes), Legal Aid, Family Care Visiting Nurse, Associates for training and development, NOW, Inc., Waterbury Hospital Outreach team, WorkPlace, Wellmore, MCCA, DMHAS, and many other local agencies.

The CHD Hospitality Center is a true haven for the homeless population. Here, homeless persons have the opportunity to take a shower, do laundry, use a computer or telephone, collect mail, take shelter from snow, cold and rain, and enjoy a brief respite from the harshness of living on the street. In addition to meeting these basic needs, the Hospitality Center also provides information about programs designed to move people out of homelessness.

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