Success Stories

People moving forward

CHD’s Hospitality Center is a true haven for the homeless population. Here, person have the opportunity to take a shower, do laundry, use a computer or telephone, collect mail, take shelter from snow, cold and rain, and enjoy a brief respite from the harshness of living on the street. In addition to meeting these basic needs, the Center also provides information about programs designed to move people out of homelessness.

Here’s a few stories of people moving forward in their lives:


When “Bill” first came to CHD’s Hospitality Center in Waterbury, he had no insurance, no ID and had a polysubstance abuse problem which prevented him to be actively involved with his son. Through the support services at the Center, Bill was able to find insurance and obtain his identification. These were important milestones on his way to becoming clean and sober and moving forward. His goal of finding quality employment and as saving money in order to get a place of his own is now more than just a wish. Sobriety rejuvenated his relationship with his son and family and helps him to keep motivated and continue moving forward. Bill credits the staff at the Hospitality Center for giving him the tools and the confidence to make changes his life and for helping him to get to a place where he can give back and help others overcome their obstacles to an addiction-free life.


“I was homeless for a year and a half and began coming to CHD’s Hospitality Center where I was signed up for the pilot program and got information to connect with other services need to move forward. Thanks to the staff here who helped me practice my interview skills, I was able to land a job at Shoprite grocery store. While at the Hospitality Center, I felt safe and could confide with my peers They helped me along with laundry services and showers, which allowed me to concentrate on moving forward. Without these services this would have been almost impossible for me to focus on moving forward. Thanks Mrs. Rosa and Mr. Mike for all that you’ve done for me in my journey, I look forward to giving back to others who are going through such a stressful situation.” – “Lynda”