Supportive Housing (PILOTS)

In keeping with our mission of providing services, to people “where they are”, CHD’s PILOTS provides permanent housing support and mental health services to homeless persons with diagnosed mental illness and substance abuse issues. As long as they remain actively committed to their recovery program, clients receive vouchers to allow them to rent an apartment and live independently. These programs are available in several locations.

To reach these programs please call our central registration at (844) 243-4357


Housing First (Hartford)

Housing First is a state-funded pilot program in Hartford that is currently providing housing and support services to 10 individuals as part of an initiative to study the long-term effects of stable housing on the prospects of homeless persons and individuals with mental illness.

Client Success Stories

Every day, CHD helps people in Connecticut turn their lives around. Our caring, compassionate professionals are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure that our clients have the opportunity to build healthy, productive lives. We invite you to meet a few of our clients who have overcome significant challenges to find peace, success, and a new life.


“Laura’s” life was crumbling when she came to CHD. She was homeless, unemployed, and suffering from a substance addiction. And although Laura was married and a mother, she was estranged from her husband — and had lost custody of her children.

Laura knew she needed help: and she found that help at CHD. Since 2009, Laura has been sober. She now has a place to live, a job, and continues to maintain clear and progressive steps in her recovery plan. Family is very important to Laura. She is working on her marriage, has gained custody of her older daughter and is working towards gaining custody of her younger children. She continues to maintain active involvement in all of her children’s lives.

The future holds hope for Laura.  She plans to resume her studies and work towards a degree in human services in the substance abuse area. Her goal is increase her income so she can afford an apartment to accommodate her family.


Lonzo started using drugs at an early age and describes himself as someone who would “go wherever and do whatever. And I wasn’t really listening to anybody.” As he got older, Lonzo started to want a life for himself that didn’t include drug use and going in and out of jail. He wanted to be more actively involved in his son’s life. Lonzo credits the PILOTS Program for supporting him. “They helped me by understanding me and helping me to understand what I needed to do as far as paying my bills, being responsible, learning how to love myself and how to respect people.”

Today, Lonzo has been sober for six years, is employed, volunteers in the community and has a good relationship with his son. Hear more about Lonzo’s story in the video on our home page.