Meadows Homes

Meadows Homes provides residential support to an average of seventy-nine adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Funding is provided through the Department of Developmental Disabilities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Meadows Homes operates twenty-three separate homes located in ten different communities in the Greater Springfield area. Recommendations or referrals for the specific type of housing support that would best fit the individual’s’ need is initiated by the Department of Developmental Services. Currently we have an average of  seventy-four individuals are provided with twenty-four hour support, four live woman living with  less then 24 hour supports in an apartment with minor amount of staffing support. Six individuals are supported through the Shared Living model. The Shared Living Program is targeted for expansion in the next few years.

Support is provided by approximately eighty full-time and one hundred forty part-time staff to provide the highest quality care to all participants.

Our goal is for all residents to live safe, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

Meadows Home Program Services

Program supports are provided so that developmentally disabled individuals can develop emotionally, cognitively, culturally, and socially to their maximum potential. Emphasis is placed on each person’s needs, wants, and abilities with the priorities of ensuring safety and accessing good health care services. Areas of focus might include:

  • Choice and Decision Making
  • Personal Care and Hygiene
  • Routine and Preventative Health and Dental Maintenance
  • Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Grocery Shopping and Cooking
  • Community Integration and Participation
  • Community and Home Safety Skills
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Domestic Skills Training
  • Human Sexuality
  • Social Skills
  • Positive Behavior Supports
  • Money Management
  • Representative Payee Services
  • Relationship Building

A variety of leisure activities, which can include family and friends, are accomplished with the help of dedicated staff and a registered nurse/health care coordinator. Activities are planned both on an individual basis and in groups settings. Cooking classes, exercise classes, and varied recreational opportunities are offered. Additionally, we assist with transportation for community activities and employment opportunities.


Meadows resident visiting the art museum                       Meadows resident at a red sox gameHolyoke Fire

Meadows Home on Vacation: Every year we rent a home in Cape Cod, Ma and take our Meadows Home residents on vacation.

The Whole Group- Meadows Home         Tim in Wave- Meadows Home             Lisa and Dog- Meadows HomeVictor, John & Lisa- Meadows home         Frank- Meadows home on Vacation              Steven and Michael- Meadows Home on Vacation

Adult Long Term Residential Care

Support is provided in a 24-hour group home residential setting.  Typically there are from 2 to 4 persons in each home with a staffing ratio of 2:4.  Daily care, supervision, skills training, and community integration are provided by trained staff.  Additional training is provided to staff when working with individuals with more intense medical and or behavioral needs.

Shared Living

Individuals with a wide range of disabling conditions live in the home of a carefully recruited care provider. The care provider may be single or a member of a family and receives training specific to the individual.  The care provider is responsible for the same types of supports that are delivered within the ALTC model.


Individuals must be eligible for services as determined by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS.) Individuals will be referred to our program by DDS. CHD/Meadows Homes must have a funded vacancy, in an existing home, or DDS must be willing to provide additional money for new program development.  CHD/Meadows Homes is always pleased to accept new referrals and is always eager to hear from persons interested in becoming shared living providers. Please contact the Program Director, Tara Kurtz-Boucher at (413) 531-0003 .

Employment Opportunities

Meadows Homes is frequently seeking individual’s to provide direct care services in our homes. For current openings, please visit the Careers section.

Contact Us

The office for Meadows Homes is located at:
138 Memorial Ave #64
West Springfield, MA 01089
For more information, please call (413) 439-0640.