Elder Suicide Prevention Project

CHD Hawthorn Elder Care works with community partners to provide education and training on the issue of elder suicide prevention.

L.I.F.E. (Living Is For the Elderly) Training: Elder Suicide Prevention

Individuals over the age of 75 present the greatest risk for suicide – but with the right training, a caring person can learn how to intervene and save a life.  Our L.I.F.E. Training is a 60-90 minute training module which helps participants recognize warning signs and learn how to successfully intervene when an elderly person is at risk of suicide.  This training is free, open to all, and can take place at our offices or another location.

To learn more, contact Rebecca Kessler at 413-221-5975 or rkessler@chd.org

“Talking with Dolores” (DVD)

“Talking with Dolores” was written by Dee O’Connor, a 1976 graduate of Westfield State College who also has a PhD in public policy and aging, to raise awareness about elder isolation, depression, and suicide. This one-act play is intended to reach the caregivers, families, and seniors themselves struggling with those very issues.

“While the play is about elder depression, it is anything but depressing,” said Jim Callahan, former vice president of CHD’s Hawthorn Elder Care division. “The play tackles serious issues, but it is also entertaining and light-hearted. More than anything it is meant to initiate discussion about important issues that people often don’t want to talk about.”

“Hablando con Dolores” (DVD)

Translated into Spanish from the original O’Connor production and produced entirely in Spanish, “Hablando con Dolores” still has the same light-hearted tone but serious message.


To order a copy of “Talking with Dolores” in English or Spanish, contact Rebecca Kessler at 413-221-5975 or rkessler@chd.org or click here to download the “Talking With Dolores” Order Form