For Families and Caregivers

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When families and caregivers are considering adult day health or other alternatives for their loved one’s, they typically have lots of questions. We have provided answered to some of the most commonly asked questions below. If you have other questions, please contact us at We look forward to speaking with you.

What is Adult Day Health?

Adult Day Health (ADH) services are day programs for adults who need supervision and health services during the daytime. Adult Day Health programs offer nursing care, therapies, personal care assistance, social and recreational activities, meals, and other services in a community group setting. Adult Day Health programs are for adults who return to their homes and caregivers at the end of the day.

Do you provide transportation?

All three sites have vans that can provide transportation.  We also use door to door PVTA vans.  The caretaker/family member will have to schedule the ride but we will pay for that service for you.

Do you serve meals/food at the program?

We serve two snacks and a hot meal everyday at the programs.  We can handle special diets and/or diet restrictions also.  Our lunches come from Beaven Kelly in Holyoke and are picked up daily.  We have certified Serve-safe staff on site and the staff are also first-aid and CPR certified.

What if you don’t like the food you serve?

We do offer a sandwich if someone does like the meal that is being served.  People also have the opportunity to bring in their own food which the staff will warm up if needed.

What kind of activities do you do at the programs?

Art, music, balloon volley ball, bowling, a variety of community trips, a variety of games, culture, healthy habits, current events, arm chair travel, Wii, karaoke, bingo are a few examples of what we can offer. We go out on trips everyday weather permitting and we offer free trips not just ones that require money.

Do you go out on trips?

We often go to the parks, the library and shopping but some other example are to the big for the horse shows, swimming, bowling and entertainment at the other sites. We change our schedule about four times a year to add variety and also encourage participants to give us ides where they would want to go on trips and what kind of groups they desire.

How do we choose the groups we want to go to?

Staff will sit down with you daily and have you choose from the three to four choices that we have available for each group time.

Are you able to administer medications?

We have a nurse and a LPN on site every day.  They can administer meds and help answer questions that individuals might have or the family /caregiverhas. We can assist in catheters, tracheostomies, colostomy bags, tube feedings, wound care and monitor complex diabetes.

How many days a week can I come to the program?

We would like people to come at least two days a week but you can up to five days a week.  The programs are open Monday through Friday 9-3.  Staff are in the building from 8-4.

How do you pay for this service?

Mass health is the most common insurance people utilize. We can help people through the process if they want to pay privately or need financial help to pay.