Health and Wellness

CHD Offers Integrated Health and Wellness Programs with Your Primary Care

Quality health care is hard to find. This can be especially true when you are managing multiple health concerns, including mental health or addiction. CHD now offers quality integrated care—primary medical care and mental health and addiction care— at two of its behavioral health clinics, at Appleton Street in Holyoke and State Street in Springfield.

In addition to onsite primary medical care services, CHD Health & Wellness provides case management by a dedicated care manager at each location, a wide array of wellness activities— such as dance, yoga, massage, writing retreats, tobacco cessation and nutrition counseling— and regular biometric screenings, including blood pressure and carbon monoxide monitoring.

Each CHD Health & Wellness location is staffed with experienced, caring professionals who have devoted years of their lives to understanding and helping people in integrated care settings. Our primary care providers are committed to promoting the growth and development of adults over the age of 18. (To be eligible for primary care services, clients must also obtain mental health counseling or psychiatric prescriptions services at CHD clinics).

CHD Health & Wellness locations welcome everyone over the age of 18, without regard to race, religion, sex, age, economic status, education, gender identification, or ethnic origin. Counseling is available in many languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese. All insurances are accepted.

Quality health care is hard to find. If your physical and emotional challenges are preventing you from making the most of your health and wellness, CHD Health & Wellness can help.

Programs and Services

Yoga and Exercise

Relax with a yoga class or learn proper technique in our exercise classes.

Nutrition and Healthy Cooking

Learn how to maintain a healthy diet for your level of exercise, health level, and age. Enjoy workshops and demonstrations.

Smoking Cessation Courses

Join our group and KICK THAT BUTT for good! Topics covered include:

  • Weight gain: the myths, realities, and prevention
  • Health information
  • E-Cigarettes and risks
  • Why is nicotine so addictive?

Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshops

Learn the tools to help make managing your chronic disease easier. Topics covered include planning, healthy eating, pain management, and medication.

Integrated care is the systematic coordination of general and behavioral healthcare. Integrating mental health, substance abuse, and primary care services produces the best outcomes and proves the most effective approach to caring for people with multiple healthcare needs.

As reported by SAMHSA-HRSA for integrated health solutions, the provision of integrated primary and behavioral health care must reflect 4 principles of effective care:

  1. Person-Centered Care: Basing care on the individual’s preference, needs, and values. With person-centered care, the client is a collaborative participant in healthcare decisions and an active, informed participant in treatment itself.
  2. Population-Based Care: Strategies for optimizing the health of an entire client population by systematically assessing, tracking, and managing the group’s health conditions and treatment response. It also entails approaches to engaging the entire target group, rather than just responding to the clients that actively seek care.
  3. Data-driven Care: Strategies for collecting, organizing, sharing, and applying objective, valid clinical data to guide treatment. Validated clinical assessment tools monitor response to treatment and information systems such as registries track the data over time.
  4. Evidence-Based Care: The best available evidence guides treatment decisions and delivery of care. Both the behavioral health agency and its health provider partner (if applicable) must deliver evidence-based services.

In order to deliver person-centered, and population-based care, we ask our clients to collaborate with our teams of providers, care managers, and clinicians, in their healthcare decisions.

Do I Need Health Insurance to Recieve Services?
Yes, health insurance is required to receive integrated health care services at CHD. CHD accepts most insurances.

How Do I Enroll in Health & Wellness?
Persons interested in enrolling in CHD Health & Wellness should call the central registration line at 1-844-CHD-HELP.

Can I Participate Without Changing My Primary Care Provider?
Yes, clients who opt to maintain their current primary care with providers elsewhere in the community may also enroll in Health & Wellness. Instead of receiving their primary care services through CHD Health & Wellness, our staff will partner with your provider to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible. You will also have access to our care managers, who will check your blood pressure and weight regularly, and may participate in all of our wellness activities as well.

Can I Participate in Wellness Activities Only?
Yes, everyone is eligible to participate in our wellness activities though pre-registration is often required. And priority of participation in wellness programming is given to CHD Health & Wellness enrollees.

Doris Harris-Health and Wellness Staff

Tobacco cessation trainer, Doris Harris, M.Ed., is a certified, master tobacco trainer who is providing these services in partnership with the Caring Health Center in Springfield. She has 18 years experience in the field of tobacco treatment.

Ellen Jessop- Health and Wellness staff

Ellen Jessop, NP, is the primary care provider offering onsite service in Holyoke.

Ellis Aisha- Hea;th and Wellness staff

Aisha Ellis, NP, is the primary care provider offering onsite service in Springfield.

Judy-health and wellness staffSpringfield Care Manager, Judy Mazel, LCSW, is a graduate of the Boston University School of Social Work. She has worked in the areas of hospice, home health care, long-term care and homelessness.

Julia-health and wellness staff

Holyoke Care Manager, Julia Polansky, LISCW, is a graduate of the Rutgers School of Social Work. She has a long and varied work history in the mental health field, including clinical work in an inpatient psychiatric hospital; mobile emergency services; and clinical intakes/short-term therapy with adults and children.

Nancy Landry- Health and Wellness staff

Peer Coordinator Nancy Landry.

We are delighted to hear that you have interest in learning more about and possibly enrolling in the CHD Health & Wellness program. We anticipate enrolling approximately 600 clients at two of the behavioral health clinics at CHD. In addition to accessing wellness activities, clients will have a dedicated care manager at the clinic location of their choosing. They will also be able to receive onsite primary care at these locations as well.

Benefits of receiving primary care with CHD Health and Wellness are:

  • Shorter wait times for appointments
  • No more crowded clinic waiting rooms for preventive care
  • Convenience – Ability to coordinate behavioral health appointments with medical appointments
  • Facilitation of visits by a care manager

Everyone is very enthusiastic about the good work being done by our staff and the positive health outcomes of our clients. One client had this to say after meeting PCP Ellen Jessop recently, “She’s very nice, a very unique ‘doctor’.  She does a thorough job.  She’s concerned about you as a person, and she does not judge you.”

If you would like to enroll in CHD Health & Wellness, please contact the central registration line at 1-844-CHD-HELP.

Your patients are invited to participate in our new integrated services program titled CHD Health & Wellness. Through this program, which is funded through a generous grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency, CHD now offers primary care services for its behavioral health clients. These services are offered in partnership with Caring Health Center and Holyoke Health Center at CHD’s State Street and Appleton Street Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics. Services include regular care with a primary care provider as well as access to enhanced wellness programming such as:

  • Yoga and Exercise Classes
  • Nutrition and Healthy Cooking Classes
  • Smoking Cessation Classes
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshops

Your patient’s participation in this program will not interfere with the therapeutic relationship you have with him/her.  Rather, CHD Health & Wellness staff will collaborate with your office to manage the complex co-occurring disorders care required of some clients while meeting the requirements of the grant program, including conducting a non-fasting blood glucose test at the start of the patient’s participation in the program. From time to time, we may also request medical information for your patient, for which we will provide your office with a release form signed by your patient. Unless patients choose otherwise, we will not be changing his/her primary care provider of record; we will merely be offering your patient enhanced wellness services and monitoring of his/her vital signs to track progress in the wellness programs.

Regarding our program, one clinician had the following thoughts to share: “First of all, I think it’s brilliant   to offer “whole care”; it just makes a lot of sense.  When people come [to CHD], they are usually in high need.  When I meet with people for an intake, I always ask if they have a primary care provider. When I can offer them primary care and wellness groups in addition to mental health services, they get really excited. And I think this approach helps retain clients; it keeps people more connected to their care; it provides a path for them to take care of themselves.”

The Workshops
Each workshop consists of a few writing exercises from many different disciplines including writing prompts from the works of well-known authors, the use of small objects or pictures from magazines as inspiration, and such poetry forms as free verse and American Tanka.

Each writer is encouraged to find and nurture the writer’s own unique voice using the writing exercises. The workshop facilitator is trained in the renowned Amherst Writers and Artists method and has been described as “wonderful” and a “capable and inspiring” leader for writing groups.

The History
Writers Spring Forth was founded in summer 2007 by trained writing facilitator and writing coach Phyllis St. George, a Springfield Massachusetts writer and resident.

The first writing group comprised several women from the greater Springfield area who met weekly to explore new ways of writing, connect and network with other writers, and share their own works in a supportive encouraging environment. This writing group produced an anthology of the groups’ writing exercises, titled Spring Forth, published in February 2008 supported in part with a grant from the Springfield Cultural Council.

The Facilitator
Phyllis St. George is the founder of Writers Spring Forth and is trained in the Amherst Writers and Artists method of workshop leadership. The logo of Writers Spring Forth reflects her philosophy that writing should flow like water and writers should have the courage to spring forth into their destiny as writers. Phyllis is busy leading writing groups and enjoys coaching new and experienced writers.

If You Are:

  • a novice writer
  • an experienced writer
  • a published writer
  • have always wanted to learn how to writer
  • want to stretch your current writing skills
  • want to have fun writing

… then Writers Spring Forth is just for you!



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