Programs and Services

Primary care services through Health & Wellness include regular, full-service physician appointments and biometric screenings, including carbon monoxide breath monitoring and body mass index measurements.  Access to specialty care is also provided through this partnership with the Caring Health Center and Holyoke Health Center.

In addition to primary care services, a wide array of no-cost wellness programming is also provided through the Health & Wellness program. These services include the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, which is a 6-week series to education participants about managing chronic illnesses, both mental and physical. By participating in this series, participants will learn techniques to deal with problems such as fatigue, pain, frustration and isolation. They will also learn appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength and the appropriate use of medications.

Other ongoing wellness programs include:

Yoga, Dance, Healthy Cooking, Gardening, Flower-Arranging, Walking Clubs, Massage Clinics, Art Therapy, and Writing Classes