For Physicians and Other Providers

Your patients are invited to participate in our new integrated services program titled CHD Health & Wellness. Through this program, which is funded through a generous grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency, CHD now offers primary care services for its behavioral health clients. These services are offered in partnership with Caring Health Center and Holyoke Health Center at CHD’s State Street and Appleton Street Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics. Services include regular care with a primary care provider as well as access to enhanced wellness programming such as:

• Yoga and Exercise Classes

• Nutrition and Healthy Cooking Classes

• Smoking Cessation Classes

• Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshops

Your patient’s participation in this program will not interfere with the therapeutic relationship you have with him/her.  Rather, CHD Health & Wellness staff will collaborate with your office to manage the complex co-occurring disorders care required of some clients while meeting the requirements of the grant program, including conducting a non-fasting blood glucose test at the start of the patient’s participation in the program. From time to time, we may also request medical information for your patient, for which we will provide your office with a release form signed by your patient. Unless patients choose otherwise, we will not be changing his/her primary care provider of record; we will merely be offering your patient enhanced wellness services and monitoring of his/her vital signs to track progress in the wellness programs.

Regarding our program, one clinician had the following thoughts to share: “First of all, I think it’s brilliant   to offer “whole care”; it just makes a lot of sense.  When people come [to CHD], they are usually in high need.  When I meet with people for an intake, I always ask if they have a primary care provider. When I can offer them primary care and wellness groups in addition to mental health services, they get really excited. And I think this approach helps retain clients; it keeps people more connected to their care; it provides a path for them to take care of themselves.”