AHTA Raffle Benefits Women and Children in CHD’s Programs


Lynda Faye (middle right) and Penny Redfern (far right) of the ATHA (Association of Traditional Hooking Artists), Quabbin Chapter, visited us here at our home office on Birnie Avenue to present the proceeds from a raffle of a hand-hooked rug. In total, nearly 350 people bought tickets trying to bring home the one-of-a-kind rug. Also pictured above are Alla Opanasevych and Litza Rodriguez of CHD’s Early Intervention Program.

Each of the 26 lettered squares has an image that starts with that letter – A has an acorn, V has a violin, and N is all dressed up in a necktie. The “ABC Rug,” as it came to be known, took nearly two years to complete and was the result of the efforts of 13 hookers. “It’s still fun to joke around with that name,” said Lynda who has been with the group for eight years now. “We have a bunch of fun doing this and we all wanted to do something for others. Over the two years, it was hard not to become attached to the rug, but it’s in a good home now. The winner has two grandchildren who will get to enjoy it.”

Penny Redfern comes from a family of hooking artists and has a collection of rugs made many years ago. “Some of the rugs were stored folded (rather than rolled) and I’ve been repairing them when they need it. The neat part about hooking a rug like this is that, when you’re up close, you can’t really tell what it is. Then you step back and see the big picture and have to appreciate the hard work everyone did to make it so nice.”

If you are interested in learning more about the rug or the AHTA, contact Lynda at faye.lynda[at]gmail.com.

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