Cancer Survivors Day

Support the Survivors EmailCancer Survivors Day is Sunday, June 7 and we honor all cancer survivors who share our hope, laughter, strength and support.  Cancer is certainly an arduous journey, and it’s amazing how our CHD Cancer House of Hope members always step up to the plate with a positive attitude and a drive to survive.  Not without tears and fears along the way, we band together to make sure our lives are filled with love and happiness, making every day count, and taking nothing for granted.

The Cancer House of Hope is run by a group of amazing volunteers who have all been affected by cancer; most are cancer survivors themselves.  They have chosen to give selflessly to a cause that helps others through their cancer journeys.  To them it is an honor to share their journey in an effort to help others as they travel their own paths.

Whether speaking of the volunteers that spend days at the house responding to calls and visits and attending to all of the day to day activities of the house, our staff, our volunteer advisory committee or our members, their passion is inspiring.  Every day we manage to laugh, care, and hug and support one another.  It’s the love we share that keeps us going strong through all types of challenges and adversities.

So please join the CHD Cancer House of Hope in congratulating, honoring, loving and supporting all those amazing individuals who take each day as an adventure to conquer, and each adventure as a stepping stone to a more positive tomorrow.

Jerry-MyersBy Jerry Myers, Program Director for CHD’s Cancer House of Hope


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