Mission Moments

From sunrise to sunset, Dee Canales ushers families through turmoil toward stability

SPRINGFIELD – Diana “Dee” Canales’ workdays start shortly after sunrise, typically sitting at her desk in a small office she shares with another family case manager for CHD’s Homelessness and Housing Services.  She pores over neatly kept notes in neatly kept notebooksthat chronicle the outlines of a tightly-managed schedule. Her days are, nonetheless, rarely predictable. […]


Youth, Revisited

At 17, Omar never thought he’d be chasing sobriety. His high school sophomore year was heady. He began smoking weed and drinking beers. It seemed fun. It felt manageable — almost like a rite of passage. Lot of his friends were doing it. He was a standout on his suburban high school’s baseball team. A […]