Mission Moments

Meet Dylan

Dylan Montes-Peralta, 17 months, and a client of CHD’s Early Intervention program, is shown here with his mom Christina. Passing objects between his tiny hands. Sitting up on his own. Rolling on his belly. Greeting his parents with a smile. These are the little miracles members of CHD’s Early Intervention team have helped bring to […]


Meet Melissa

Melissa felt she had turned a corner in her recovery from drug abuse as she cut through a side street to take a city bus to her therapist’s office. Only months clean and fairly fresh off a month-long stint in jail, she spotted some tiny, familiar glassine baggies on the ground, and kept walking. “Once […]


Meet Corinne

Eight years ago, Corinne stepped off a Greyhound bus in Springfield, by way of Tennessee, where she had pursued a new start and a new life that never materialized. With two young children in tow and another on the way, she was looking for an escape from an abusive relationship that had festered for years. […]


Recovery Mission Goodwin House Helps Addicted Young Men Change Course

Article originally appeared in HealthCare News in October 2018: https://healthcarenews.com/recovery-mission-goodwin-house-helps-addicted-young-men-change-course/     Michael (policy allows use of his first name only) remembers that not long after his family moved while he was in middle school, he started “looking up to the wrong people.”   This was a development that would have consequences he says he couldn’t […]


CHD program nurtures fathers ‘who talk about feelings’

Ask 25-year-old Sergio Hernandez how it feels to be a new dad and he is quick to respond “overall pretty amazing.” His comments were made 16 days into the arrival of son Riley Hernandez and shortly after his own graduation from the Center for Human Development’s 16-week program, “Nurturing Fathers.” “I knew what I wanted to […]