Mission Moments

“They are the best, the absolute best”

WEST SPRINGFIELD – Despite being born with Down syndrome and an Alzheimer’s diagnosis in his later life, Paul is a fierce competitor and a smooth dancer. Just ask him, he’ll tell you, with a sly grin. Paul worked a manufacturing job for nearly 30 years until retiring a few years ago. He lived with his […]


Righting the Wrongs

The impact of CHD’s Grace House In retrospect, the proverbial rock bottom for Victoria is hard to pinpoint. There are so many possibilities for such an unfortunate milestone in a young life. Was it carrying a baby boy to term at 19 while secretly hooked on Percocet? Was it the flip-flop to a voracious appetite […]


Mission Moment: Jessie’s House

Jessie’s House Gives Mother and Son a Place to Live—and Hope for the Future Shannon Cavanaugh loved horses since she was a little girl. As an adult worked on horse farms. “I want to work with animals again,” she said. “They are usually a lot more understanding than people.” Shannon grew up in South Hadley, […]


Mission Moment: Don’t Give Up

Advice from a mother with a son in recovery She discovered her son smoking marijuana. He was 14. “It turns out he had been smoking weed since he was 12 and I didn’t even know,” his mom said. “But I started to see a change in him, and then he decided to get brave and […]


“CHD literally rescued our family”

In 2015, Johnathan Fournier and his now-fiancée, Jillian Rodriguez, were struggling to make ends meet. They had full-time jobs and aspirations of making it big in the hip-hop music business. They had two young children and lived in a third-floor walk-up in the city’s South End. It wasn’t their ideal but they were making ends […]