Mission Moments

Mission Moment: Don’t Give Up

Advice from a mother with a son in recovery She discovered her son smoking marijuana. He was 14. “It turns out he had been smoking weed since he was 12 and I didn’t even know,” his mom said. “But I started to see a change in him, and then he decided to get brave and […]


“CHD literally rescued our family”

In 2015, Johnathan Fournier and his now-fiancée, Jillian Rodriguez, were struggling to make ends meet. They had full-time jobs and aspirations of making it big in the hip-hop music business. They had two young children and lived in a third-floor walk-up in the city’s South End. It wasn’t their ideal but they were making ends […]


CHD in Our Communities: A Bed for Every Child

In addition to the critical direct services we provide for thousands of families and children in the Bay State and Connecticut, CHD often partners with other agencies across the state to offer enhanced benefits when we can. In December,these included nine beds for children previously without them. It’s hard to imagine children with homes may […]


Meet Dylan

Dylan Montes-Peralta, 17 months, and a client of CHD’s Early Intervention program, is shown here with his mom Christina. Passing objects between his tiny hands. Sitting up on his own. Rolling on his belly. Greeting his parents with a smile. These are the little miracles members of CHD’s Early Intervention team have helped bring to […]


Meet Melissa

Melissa felt she had turned a corner in her recovery from drug abuse as she cut through a side street to take a city bus to her therapist’s office. Only months clean and fairly fresh off a month-long stint in jail, she spotted some tiny, familiar glassine baggies on the ground, and kept walking. “Once […]