CHD Cancer House of Hope Offers Assistance for Spanish Speaking Guests

While it’s always good news whenever someone new volunteers for the staff at Cancer House of Hope, the arrival of volunteer Brenda I. Martinez of Springfield means something new. For the first time, the Cancer House of Hope will be able to offer assistance to people who speak Spanish.

Martinez, who is herself a breast cancer survivor, says she has received a great deal of support since her cancer diagnosis and wanted to give back. “The breast cancer community, including Rays of Hope and the Cancer House of Hope, has been so good to me that I decided to give back by volunteering,” she said. “The fact that I speak Spanish gives me another way I can help.”

Martinez will be volunteering at the Cancer House of Hope, 1999 Westfield Street in West Springfield, on Fridays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., starting on September 29. She expects to assist cancer patients in setting up appointments, help arrange transportation, call people at home to remind them of appointments, and answer any questions people may have. And if those questions are asked in Spanish, she will do her best to put her language skills to good use.

“The Cancer House of Hope has never had a volunteer who can assist our Spanish speaking guests,” said Joe Kane, Program Director for CHD Cancer House of Hope. “We want to get the word out that language should never be a barrier in seeking the free services the House provides to people with cancer and those who care about them.

CHD Cancer House of Hope works to enhance the lives of people with cancer and those who care about them by providing emotional, educational, social and spiritual support. The House provides a range of cancer support services and relaxation programs at no cost to those who face this devastating disease. Each year, CHD Cancer House of Hope serves 500 guests, right here in our community. Every penny of every dollar donated to the House directly impacts programming and the people served.

Founded in 1972, Center for Human Development (CHD) is a nonprofit, CARF-accredited organization providing a broad range of high quality, community-oriented human services to 17,000 children, adolescents, adults, and families each year. The organization is dedicated to promoting, enhancing and protecting the dignity and welfare of people in need.

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