CHD’s Kelley Niver – 2015 Commissioner’s Award recipient

Richard-Romboletti,-Kelley-Niver-and-John-Roberson---2015-Commissioner's-Award-PhotoPictured with Richard Romboletti (L) and John Roberson, Kelley Niver holds the 2015 Commissioner’s Award. Kelley started in our Secure Residential Treatment Program as a councilor just two years ago. Through hard work, she was promoted to program director. And we aren’t the only people who noticed how good she is!

Here is an excerpt from the award letter from Commissioner Peter Forbes:

“This year we are re-initiating the DYS Commissioner’s Awards event. I want to recognize individuals who go above and beyond their expected job duties. The recipients of the award are being recognized as a valued and valuable employee who contributes in a significant way to the mission of the agency.

I want to acknowledge the individuals that took the time to submit nominations. That recognition and effort is an important part of the process and in many ways as important as winning the actual award. A colleague recognized the work ethic and contribution of another within their work unit.  Some of these awards were initiated by youth who took the time to write a letter of recommendation for a staff member that has had a positive impact on them in the course of their DYS experience.  I want DYS to be an agency where staff at all levels come to work every day with a sense of purpose and commitment.  This award places the nominees and recipients in this category.

I also applaud all of our nominees for a job well done as well as it is their tenacity, commitment and the drive that they bring to work with them every day that distinguishes them.  As the Commissioner of this agency I want to say “Thank you”.”


On behalf of all of us here at CHD and in the Springfield community, congratulations Kelley!  We’re are all very proud of your accomplishment – keep up the good work!

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