Child, Adolescent and Family Services

Stable, caring families are the foundation of a healthy community—and the birthright of every child. At CHD’s child, adolescent and family services, we work to strengthen and heal at-risk children and families through a variety of supportive, community-based programs and services.

Our behavioral health and social welfare experts work with children and their families to identify the emotional, developmental and behavioral issues that can negatively impact their lives and develop solutions to help these at-risk children succeed and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Studies show that early intervention is critical in helping at-risk children achieve their potential. At CHD we offer a wide range of programs designed to nurture and support infants, toddlers and their families.  Learn more

Families are complex and sensitive social structures and when problems arise with children or with family dynamics, therapeutic counseling can be extremely helpful. CHD offers counseling and other therapeutic services to help families heal and grow stronger.  Learn more

There are several ways that young persons can enter the legal system. Some enter as wards of the court; others because they have broken the laws. At CHD we work with children who have entered the legal system by advocating, mentoring, counseling, and supporting them in making healthy choices.  Learn more

When a family loses their home, the devastation can be overwhelming for everyone.  Without reliable shelter, the family faces stress, hunger, illness, and depression. Many families even break up permanently.  At CHD we work to provide temporary and permanent housing for families who have lost their homes. Our services include help with finding food, schools for the children, and employment for the parents.  Learn more

In an ideal world, every child would be welcomed into a caring family with the skills, means and motivation to provide excellent care. However, many children today are living in environments that are unstable, non-nurturing, or even dangerous. CHD’s child welfare professionals work hard to ensure that every child in our program is living in a safe environment – and  receiving the care, nutrition, education and love that they need to thrive.  Learn more

Many families today are struggling with a child who is developmentally disabled or suffering from some other challenge. CHD provides support services to help these children learn, grow and thrive.  Learn more