Infant and Toddler Programs

Infant and Toddler - learning to dress himself           Infant and toddler - child hiding under blanket

Children from birth through three years of age can face a variety of developmental challenges. Sometimes they are simply developing at their own pace – faster or slower then what might be considered “typical.” Variation in the age a child speaks, walks, crawls or reaches other milestones is common. But sometimes children, and their families and caregivers, need a little extra help and encouragement to meet these milestones. Common developmental delays include speech, crawling and walking.

It’s important for parents to realize that early identification of a developmental delay is crucial so that a specialized plan can be created to address the issue at hand. At CHD, we want to help parents take that first step and work in conjunction with them to develop a successful treatment program.

Early Intervention

The Early Intervention (EI) program works with infants and children from birth to age three who have either been diagnosed with—or display signs of—developmental delay. Our expert EI team can assess your child’s abilities and, if a developmental delay is detected, will create an individualized plan to promote development, movement, social behavior, communication, and other important life skills.   Learn more