Juvenile Justice

"It's Believing in People."

When you change an individual, you change a community. At CHD we believe that every youth deserves the opportunity to remake their lives, to rise above the mistakes of adolescence and live in their own families and community. Adolescence can be a difficult time. People make mistakes and get off track. With help and support, yesterday’s mistake can become a learning experience and who you will be in the future can be different from who you are today.

Our Juvenile Justice Programs help youth who have been incarcerated successfully return to the community: as students, sons and daughters, workers and productive citizens. Our staff works hard to create connections with them, to focus on each person’s strengths as individuals, their hopes and dreams, and to build empathy and remorse. We give youth the opportunity to unlock their strengths, to experience success. We believe that everyone has the power within themselves to become productive citizens. Our goal is for each youth to sense the future as full of possibility, and by working with each individual, to change the community as well: increasing safety, decreasing costs and helping people make positive life changes one at a time. Please watch the video to hear the story of one young man from our program. In addition to the programs listed below, CHD also provides staff, services and training to other Department of Youth Services (DYS) funded programs through our support contract.

Our programs and services include:

Alternative Lock Up

Young people sometimes make poor decisions that result in them being arrested. Our Alternative Lock Up Program allows youths 17 years of age and younger who are in police custody to be held in a safe place, away from adult offenders or police department holding cells while they await arraignment or a court date.  Learn more

Terri Thomas Girls Program

Dedicated to former Department of Youth Services (DYS) caseworker Terri Yvonne-Cherie Thomas, the Terri Thomas Girls Program provides detention, stabilization, and short-term treatment services to female adolescents aged 10-20.  Learn more

Assessment Program

The CHD Assessment Program provides residential services, diagnostic assessments, and treatment plans for adolescent boys who are newly committed to the Department of Youth Services (DYS). The program offers these kids a comfortable and respectful living and learning environment, as well as a range of academic, recreational and psychological services.  Learn more

Adolescent Treatment Program

CHD’s Adolescent Treatment Program helps youthful offenders (boys and young men aged 12 to 21) who are currently in Department of Youth Services (DYS) custody make a successful transition back to their family homes.  Learn more

Secure Residential Treatment

Funded by the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DYS) CHD’s Secure Residential Treatment program provides a wide array of clinical, educational, residential and pre-vocational services for boys aged 14 to 21 and prepares them for their next steps in life.  Learn more

Adolescent Re-Entry

Kids who have been involved in the criminal justice system often make tremendous strides in treatment, but face unique challenges when returning to their family home, school and community. CHD’s Adolescent Re-entry Services supports the youths and their families through this challenging time.  Learn more