Secure Residential Treatment

CHD’s Secure Residential Treatment (SRT) program also stands for Strength, Respect and Teamwork. These are the values the program seeks to instill in the youth it serves. These youth, all involved in the juvenile justice system, are in need of intensive services to be able to successfully return to their communities. SRT is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services (DYS) and provides a wide array of clinical, educational, residential and prevocational services for boys, ages 14 to 21, committed to DYS. The goal of the Secure Residential Treatment Program is to provide treatment services to youth and their families that will prepare them for their next steps in life.

SRT’s clinical and counseling services focus on problem solving, exploring decision making, teaching youth  how to manage difficult life circumstances without resorting to violence and managing emotional distress. Treatment often includes developing social skills and social competence as well as addressing past trauma and substance abuse. Families are encouraged to be part of the treatment process. SRT assumes a strength-based and rehabilitative approach to all in care believing that the primary goal is to help each youth uncover their unique abilities, and changing their outlook, attitudes, and interactions while providing them new opportunities for growth. The hope is to work with youth to create an overall improvement in functioning, including the development of pro-social attitudes and values.

Academic and vocational success is also critical to returning to the community. Youth attend school, have the opportunity for vocational training including horticulture and silk screening programs, and in some circumstances, youth hold jobs within the program. SRT is at all times focused on the goal of assisting youth to return to their home and communities. We take a comprehensive approach, building on capabilities, pursuing success and teaching Strength, Respect and Teamwork.

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Program Director: Kelley Niver