Therapeutic Services

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Families are complex and sensitive social structures. So when problems arise with children or with family dynamics, therapeutic counseling can be extremely helpful. 

At CHD, we offer counseling and therapeutic services to help families heal and grow stronger. Our goal is to get to the root of the issue and develop a therapeutic plan of action to address the problem and work toward a solution. In some cases, that might mean one-on-one counseling. In others, that might mean a group dynamic in which a client and his or her family are actively involved in the therapy regimen. In still others, it could involve intensive residential or day programs designed to address a more acute behavioral or psychiatric need. No matter what approach or treatment regimen is undertaken, CHD will be there to support each of our clients with the ultimate goal being a return to a healthy and more meaningful life.

CHD’s Therapeutic Services include:


A-CRA is a community-based treatment for youth and young adults to support recovery from a substance use disorder. The approach is strengths-based, client-centered, flexible, and prioritizes skill building with individuals and members of the family. Learn more

In Home Therapy

CHD’s In-Home Therapy Services (IHT) supports youth (under the age of 21) and their families who are struggling with emotional, mental or behavioral health issues. Services are provided in the family’s home, and can occur several times a week, especially at the beginning of treatment.  Learn more

Therapeutic Mentoring

Therapeutic mentoring (TM) services offers one-to-one support for youths under age 21. Addressing daily living, social, and communication needs, Therapeutic mentoring is designed to help children build relationship skills through participation in recreational, athletic, artistic, educational, vocational, and social activities as well as activities of daily living based in the community.  Learn more

Continuum Program

HD’s Continuum program seeks to provide a stable home environment for children who are at risk for outplacement, or are in the process of transitioning back to their family from a previous out-of-home placement. Our number one priority is to strengthen families so that these children can remain in their homes—and thrive.  Learn more


CHD offers a variety of counseling services ranging from one-on-one counseling to group/family sessions. In many instances, family or marital concerns are a large part of why people seek counseling. Our highly-trained and experienced clinicians will review your situation and recommend the best course of action for you.  Learn more