Substance Use Disorder Counseling

Help with substance abuse concerns and treatment

What is it?


Substance use is the use of alcohol and/or drugs in ways that cause harm to yourself or others. When drug or alcohol use gets to this point (and in many cases this occurs very quickly) life can feel out of control. You may change your behaviors so that much of your time and attention is focused on “chasing the high”—trying to find that next hit or drink. Substance abuse is treatable, and it’s important to get help as soon as the problem shows up so that you have the best chance of recovering from the illness.

At CHD many of our clinicians are trained or specialize in treating addictions. They can help you learn to get and stay clean/sober and begin to put the pieces of your life back together.

Helpful CHD Programs/Resources:


Goodwin House for Youth in Recovery

Grace House for Mothers in Recovery

Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach 

Counseling/Therapy Services

Health and Wellness

Two Rivers Recovery Center for Women

Helpful Outside Resources:


SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

BSAS (Bureau of Substance Abuse Services)

NIH (National Institute of Health)

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