Areas of Need

Many CHD programs are 100% community-funded. That means, without the support of generous friends and advocates, these programs literally would not exist – and thousands of people would go without critical services and support.  Here are some of our most effective community programs that depend entirely on the support of donors like you.

Cancer House of Hope

Staffed by volunteers and professionals who have personally experienced the effects of cancer, Cancer House of Hope is an accessible, comfortable, and non-institutional setting to which people living with cancer (and their families and friends) can come for emotional, social, educational and spiritual support – at no cost. Since Cancer House of Hope is solely dependent on community donations and fundraising, your support will help us continue our mission of providing hope and comfort to patients who are struggling with this difficult diagnosis.

Disability Resources Program

Talk about making a difference! The CHD Disability Resources Program provides people with visual or physical disabilities the opportunity for joy, meaning, stimulation and friendship. Through a variety of adaptive sports, recreational outings and social gatherings, this program enhances the self-confidence, interactive skills and physical abilities of participants. Support from the community helps CHD provide safe and reliable sports equipment for everything from wheelchair basketball to adaptive skiing.

Family Outreach of Amherst

Family Outreach of Amherst is a program that provides support to the most vulnerable members of our community, by working with families who struggle with issues of mental health, trauma, addiction and substance abuse, and life skills problems.  Your support helps CHD provide a safety net and provide services so that the basic needs of at-risk families can be met.

Not Bread Alone

Hunger in our communities is often a hidden problem – but it is real, and growing. Not Bread Alone is a community program that offers FREE homemade, hot meals and groceries to anyone in need. The program is open for three meals a week and on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. By donating to Not Bread Alone, you provide the comfort of a hot, nutritious meal to someone who may have little or no other access to food. What a wonderful way to show you care.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Hampshire County

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Hampshire County provides one-on-one mentoring for children in need of positive adult influence and friendship. For many children, their relationship with a caring “Big” is a positive turning point in their lives. Big Brothers/Big Sisters depends strongly on volunteers and charitable contributions to fulfill its mission. Whether you make a financial donation, or volunteer to become a “Big” to a “Little”, your support makes a lasting difference!

MaryAnne’s Kids

MaryAnne’s Kids is a special fun established to provide special opportunities for children in foster care to enjoy experiences that would otherwise be unavailable to them due to financial restrictions in the State’s foster care system. MaryAnne’s Kids gives children the means to pursue special interests in music, dance, art, sports, summer camps and extra-curricular education – activities that bring joy and lead to a sense of accomplishment. Through this program, CHD provides kids with a positive influence that will remain with them throughout their lives.