Donor Stories: Why We Give

Every CHD donor has a very personal and compelling reason for supporting our work. Here are a few of them. We are grateful to these individuals, as well as the countless others who support our work.

Carole D’Amato

“My cousin James had a profound developmental disability. For his entire life he lived at home, cared for by his family. When they died, James was on his own and deeply distressed. I became his legal guardian, but I needed help. That’s when I learned about CHD. The CHD Outreach Team in Westfield gave James the loving support he needed to build a satisfying life, even with his limitations. He now works as a porter at Big Y, lives independently and smiles all the time. He is a self-confident, happy dignified man. CHD changed his life, and I am glad to support this wonderful program.”

Betsy Musto

Our family created the Douglas Musto Memorial Fund to honor the memory of my son, Doug, who was a client in the CHD Mental Health program until his death in 2008. Doug was a beautiful person with a kind heart and unconditional loyalty to his family and friends. During his childhood, he attended the 4-H Camp in Goshen where he received the “Hands On” award for giving and working. He also enjoyed cooking, working on cars and spending time with his brother James. Our whole family is extremely grateful for the help Doug received from CHD  – and for the support they gave to our family as well. We established the Douglas Musto Fund to benefit CHD’s Adult Mental Health programs, specifically for issues involving housing and activities. Funds will also help with CHD’s Health and Wellness program, which gives participants a sense of well-being and improvement, so they can better accept and cope with their life challenges.

Ten Great Reasons to Support CHD


1.You can bring hope to someone who needs it.

2. You can make a child smile.

3. You can help lift someone out of poverty, homelessness, or addiction.

4. You can “pay it forward” for all the times someone helped you.

5. Because you believe in the Golden Rule.

6. You can meet other CHD donors and make wonderful friends who share your values.

7. You want to help build a stronger community.

8. You can honor the memory of someone you love.

9. You may get a tax deduction.

10. You’ll know that you are making a difference!