Disability Resources Fundraiser

CHD's Disability Resources Program: Sports and Recreation for ALL abilities!

CHD Disability Resources is building a strong community for adaptive athletes. We help individuals with permanent needs participate in physical activities that will push them and challenge them along the way. In partnership with NEXT FITNESS at CROSSFIT CATCH in Agawam, we put on 6-8 week Adaptive CrossFit programs throughout the year. These CrossFit programs hold around 9-15 adaptive athletes per class. We modify each exercise by every person’s needs. This year we decided to educate the community and have our adaptive athlete’s show off their skills through a fun competition. This competition is for ALL athletes and ALL adaptive athletes. Teams of two will compete for bragging rights. If you’re a typical athlete and want to try something new, sign up as a “single athlete” and we will partner you with an adaptive athlete. You will mirror whatever the adaptive athlete does. For example, if they are wheelchair bound, you will also be wheelchair bound. Come support CHD Disability Resources Program and our Adaptive CrossFit program. This fundraiser will help us raise much needed funds to continue supporting the adaptive athlete community.

No Excuses! Adaptive Cross Fit Fundraiser



No matter what your ability level is, you can compete for bragging rights!  Come show off what you have!


You think you can compete together?!  Give it a shot!  BYOP!  Bring your own partner! (Co-Ed or Same Sex)



Want to see if you can keep up with an adaptive athlete?  Sign up as a single and be paired with someone that can show you what’s up!  


Want to support this amazing program without competing?  We welcome any amount that you are able to donate!  Thank you for being awesome!