Game Changers- Lauren DuBois and Briyanna Henry


On July 31st members of the UMass Amherst 4-H Youth Development Program were honored at the Valley Blue Sox home game with the CHD Game Changer Award. The Game Changer Award is presented by the Center of Human Development and the Valley Blue Sox to  recognize the efforts of individuals in the Western Mass community who are voluntarily putting their time and talents to use in order to improve the situations and circumstances for those truly in need of help.

Lauren Dubois and Briyanna Henry (pictured)  were honored with the award for their work with the 4-H Youth Development Program.  Recently the duo inspired kids to perform an act of kindness to teach them the importance of citizen engagement. Kids from the 4-H program and the  Springfield South End Community Center took the time and to create beautiful, inspirational cards to lift the spirits of those battling cancer.  Briyanna and Lauren then delivered the inspirational cards over to the Cancer House of Hope located in West Springfield. The Cancer House of Hope works to enhance the lives of people with cancer and those who care about them by providing emotional, educational, social, and spiritual support. Located in West Springfield, the Cancer House of Hope provides free-of-charge cancer support services and relaxation programs for those who face this devastating disease.

This is just one example of the many programs Lauren and Briyanna have worked on to educate Western Mass youth. Briyanna has been working with the program since she was thirteen years old, and plans to continue to work with the program for as long as she can.  We are honored to share their story and present them with the Game Changer Award.





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