Game Changer- Steve Katz


This past Monday, August 1st, the Valley Blue Sox and Center for Human Development recognized the efforts of  an individual in the Western Massachusetts community who is voluntarily putting his time and talents to use in order improve the situations and circumstances for those truly in need of help. Mr Steve Katz was recognized at the Blue Sox last regular season home game for his dedication as a volunteer at Rachel’s Table. Mr. Katz is a lawyer for Babson Capital, a loving father and husband.

For the past 24 years Mr. Katz has gone to local Starbucks and local Big Y’s to collect left over food to bring over to the Gray House in Springfield. He is able to collect around 25 lbs of food per week.e. His years of dedication to alleviate hunger and reduce food waste has made him in our eyes a Game Changer.

Rachel’s Table is an organization that has been working to alleviate hunger and reduce food waste in Western Mass. Mr. Katz along with more than 200 volunteers collect food from local supermarkets, restaurants’, caterers and bakeries, and deliver it to more than 40 agencies, including soup kitchens food pantries and shelters. His years of contribution to these homes have fed several families and individuals all throughout Springfield and the entire Western Mass community.

Thank you Mr. Katz for all of your hard work and your dedication to improving situations and circumstances for those in the Western Mass community!

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