InBox Us! Feedback on Quality

CHD is committed to obtaining and using feedback from clients and from the public to help ensure that we are continuously improving and providing high quality service. As part of the CARF accreditation process, CHD must demonstrate how the organization obtains input from persons served as well as other stakeholders.

There are a variety of mechanisms to solicit and collect information. They range from informal to the formal. Some examples include written surveys, advisory groups, face-to-face meetings, conferences, focus groups, telephone conversations, email communications, consumer/stakeholder councils, memoranda/presentations to stakeholders, suggestion boxes, complaints, and communication logs.

It is important to not only use a variety of mechanisms, but also collect information throughout the year, over time.

We encourage all stakeholders to provide information to the organization about performance, satisfaction, and expectations. For example, did the program meet your needs? Was the staff friendly, helpful and effective? Were there ways your experience could have been improved?

Different programs ask for feedback in different ways so if you are involved with a specific program, you may ask the staff or program manager about what opportunities are available. You may also contact Sara Kendall, MSW, LICSW, Vice President of Organizational Excellence, at 413-439-2123 or

We’d like to hear from you!

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