BBBS Fundraising Tips

Help us make a BIG impact!

We can’t fulfill our mission without you.

Thank you for joining forces with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County in an effort to provide caring, adult mentors for more youth facing challenges within our community.  Annually Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County serves around 181 children, but even so nearly 160 children wait for their chance at a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a caring adult.  Our mission, to provide children with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever, can not be fulfilled with out you, our caring community members.  When you make the choice to fundraise on behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters, you make the choice to change the life of a local child forever.


How to Raise $150 in 5 Days!

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Ways to Have Fun and Raise Money for Big Brothers Big Sisters!

  • You got this! As an example from our last major fundraiser, the average participant raised $230 just by asking friends and family to donate!
  • Get competitive! Challenge your co-workers to a friendly competition over who can raise the most money.
  • Email your friends and family (twice)! Let them know why you’re participating to support Big Brothers Big Sisters and ask them to donate online or send a check.
  • Scroll through your cell phone list and call or text people to ask them to donate.
  • Ask us for help! We’re here to encourage you, motivate you and make this fun.
  • Think about the children you’ll be helping! Help us serve more youth (there are currently nearly 160 kids waiting for the life changing experience of having a Big).
  • Think about the friends that you’ve donated to for walks, runs, fundraisers, etc. It’s their turn to support you!
  • Remember, at the heart of this event is a passion for helping others! You are helping youth facing challenges in our community. These youth are your neighbors, your children’s classmates or even your future employees. Here’s your chance to become a part of something BIG.

Fundraising Ideas for Your Team

Bake for Kids’ Sake – Love to bake?  Whip up some fantastic treats and host a bake sale.
Yard Sale– Have some things you no longer need? Host a yard sale with proceeds to benefit your individual or team fund raising efforts! Advertise that proceeds go to Big Brothers Big Sisters and put out an event flyer and a donation container the day of.
Campus Based– Live on campus? Look into organizing a team fundraiser on campus, such as Holiday Candy Grams or other creative idea!
“Change for Change” – Set up a coin collection container at work, in your dorm, in the classroom, or at home to collect spare change.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly it adds up!
Local Restaurant Night– Do any local restaurants host “Dine-in” nights to support local organizations? See if you can host a Dine-in night for your team’s fundraising efforts!

Fundraising Ideas for Your Team at Work

Baby Face Contest – Ask employees to bring in a childhood photo. Create a display and collect a suggested donation for people to make a guess.
A Friendly Challenge with Your Organization’s Leadership – Engage your company’s leadership. Challenge the leaders in your organization to compete against your team!
Department Challenges – Administrative vs. Teaching Staff; IT vs. HR; Mechanics vs. Sales, etc. Let the competition to fundraise the most begin!
“Dress Down” Day – Charge $5 for the chance to wear jeans on a designated Friday. For those bargain hunters, maybe $20 buys you 5 weeks!
Lunch with the Leader – Ask your company’s leader to endorse a challenge: set a goal to determine the winning team and they will enjoy lunch, compliments of and with the leader!
Potluck Lunch – Show off your culinary skills with a potluck lunch! Pick a day and have people bring in a favorite dish. Set up your spread in a high-traffic area, promote with emails and flyers and charge $5-$10 for lunch.
Sports Tournaments – Whether you’re into basketball, softball, football or prefer pool and poker, set up a fun tournament with a suggested donation going to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hampshire County.


Together we’ll make a BIG difference in our community! 


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