CHD Launches “Two Rivers” Program for Women in Recovery; Expands Other Services in Franklin County

Greenfield, MA (March 10, 2014): On March 10, 2014, Springfield-based Center for Human Development (CHD) celebrated the opening of a new residential treatment program for women in recovery from alcohol and other substances and the expansion of other programs aimed at meeting ongoing needs for behavioral health and social service programs in Franklin County. CHD President and CEO Jim Goodwin commented, “CHD has a long history of providing community based care and is committed to helping meet the need for mental health and substance abuse services in Franklin County. At the end of the day that is what matters most to us.”

The Two Rivers Recovery Center for Women, a 25-bed treatment center, responds to the need for more substance abuse treatment options, creates nearly a dozen jobs, and rehabilitates a former rest home in the process. Linda Sarage, Program Director for the Franklin County Recover Project, commented that, “The Two Rivers Project will be a valuable asset to our community because there has been an alarming increase of women who are pregnant and needing addiction treatment and recovery support.”

Taking its name from both its proximity to the nearby Deerfield and Connecticut Rivers and that the program acts as a critical turning point for women in recovery, the Two Rivers Center is funded by a grant totaling almost $700,000 for each of the next three years from the Department of Public Health. Julie Schwager, Vice President for Adult Services, explained that, “Two Rivers will provide a safe and nurturing environment where women can begin the recovery process. Staff will work collaboratively with participants to create individualized treatment plans which include building a sober support network, improving one’s physical and psychological health, and identifying housing and job opportunities. We expect that this will be a place where women can get back on their feet.”

CHD will also begin operating a Continuum Program this summer.Caring Together Continuum Grants are funded jointly by Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) and Department of Mental Health (DMH). Services provided through the grants are designed to provide a wide range of treatment options to youth and families at risk of, or currently needing, residential treatment services.The Continuum Programs will serve families and children 5 – 18 years of age with intensive mental health, social service and other needs. By providing intensive community-based wraparound services the program is designed to maintain youth within their homes and support families as the primary caregivers. The program will also offer long-term and short-term out-of-home care (e.g., group home, pre-independent living, intensive foster care, respite) for youth who cannot be maintained safely at home.

In addition, CHD’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic recently relocated to the Medical Center at Cherry Rum. “The Greenfield  Clinic offers an array of counseling and therapy options, “said Kirk Woodring, Vice President of Clinical Services, “We work with children, adolescents and adults as they confront anxiety, depression, trauma and a variety of other life challenges.”

The new location offers ample parking, access via public transportation and proximity to the Franklin County Community Health Center and other medical providers. “Five of our offices are actually located inside the Health Center,” explained Mr. Woodring. “This presents an opportunity to provide truly integrated care. The ability to receive both physical health care and mental health and substance abuse care in one location is a major tenant of health care reform. It’s a growing trend and one we are proud to be part of. We believe this is a significant component in the future of health care delivery.”

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