CHD’s ‘Through Her Eyes’ program makes community stronger

Last Friday, for the 12th straight year, the Center for Human Development (CHD) presented Through Her Eyes, a professional program focusing on critical social issues from the unique perspective of girls and young women. This year the focus was on human trafficking. Yes, that’s an issue facing us right here in Western Massachusetts. Too often, people point fingers and place blame on young women but they are the victims, trapped by someone they think truly cares for them, but who only wants to exploit them.

That’s why I want to shine a light on the educators, clinicians, case workers and other professionals who attend Through Her Eyes. What they do, day in and day out, is central to the possibility of success for a vulnerable population of girls and young women. It’s not easy work and at times it can feel thankless, but I want to personally thank each of these unsung heroes for the investment they make in the human spirit of those in need.

While some annual events fade with time, Through Her Eyes continues to be highly relevant every year. On behalf of the City of Springfield, I’m proud that CHD is our partner for a stronger community.




Article appeared on MassLive on 11/2/2016:

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