The Power of Giving Locally

Perhaps you read the articles or saw the TV news reports this morning: several greedy people, largely from one family, stole money that good-hearted people thought they were donating to cancer charities. But government investigators revealed that the money they raised – $187 million – didn’t help anyone with cancer. Instead, these hard-earned donations were spent funding enormous salaries, luxury lifestyles, fancy cars, cruises, resorts, and drink tabs.

Scammers like these give legitimate cancer charities a “black eye” they don’t deserve. So while this news was fresh in your mind, CHD wanted you to know about our Cancer House of Hope, a local program that legitimately raises funds in order to provide physical, emotional and educational support to individuals and families battling cancer.

Here’s the bottom line: 100% of funds raised by Cancer House of Hope go to support the operation of our program, and CHD provides an additional contribution. We serve 350 to 400 members each year, right here in your community, with every dollar donated directly impacting programming and the people we serve. In our house, families find strength. People fighting cancer find hope. Dads in treatment learn how to manage. Moms can focus on themselves, not their illness. Parents learn to live through loss.  What is not in our house of hope is financial neglect, decadence, or self-indulgence.

If you want to be confident that your charitable donations are doing the most good for people with cancer who are most in need of what we provide, we invite you to come and visit. It will give you the reassurance you need to know that your support of the Cancer House of Hope is a local cancer charity you can see with your own eyes and feel with your own heart.



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