Single Room Occupancy Program (SRO)

Our Single Room Occupancy Program (SRO) has been helping adults in Hampshire County overcome major barriers to independent living for over 35 years.

Through outreach and case management services, staff help individuals avoid homelessness and hunger and enhance the quality and stability of their lives.

Individuals living in SRO housing settings typically have very complex needs. Assistance with housing stability, food security, access to medical and mental health appointments, transportation and the establishment of community linkages are all areas of critical need.

Dedicated CHD staff create meaningful relationships with program participants and work tirelessly to help connect them to community resources. Weekly coffee hours are hosted at the various housing establishments so that no one ever feels alone in their fight to face challenges.

To ensure residents never go hungry, staff operate a food pantry in the First Congregational Church in Northampton which is also open to anyone in need.