Residential Homes for Young Adults

Our origins were in finding ways to better support our youth in Western MA as they navigate addiction recovery and what was once called substance abuse treatment.

Boys and girls experience addiction differently – from the reasons they experiment to the ways they heal. Our holistic approach to recovery gives young people the tools to embrace new ways of living.

A Healthy Peer Group Is A Powerful Force For Good

We believe in whole-person addiction treatment. That means caring for the physical, mental, and emotional needs of your son or daughter.

Along with individual therapy, the support of peers and program graduates can make recovery less scary.

For many, group therapy offers a powerful way to open up. Kids dealing with anxiety and depression often feel alone. Group therapy shows them how common these issues really are.

Listening to others and learning to talk openly helps kids process difficult emotions, gain confidence, and build friendships based on healthy values. There’s no judgement, only support, which frees kids up to be themselves.

Recovery coaches are another key aspect of our treatment approach. These young men and women are program graduates who are succeeding in recovery and helping others do the same.

By living a life of purpose, modeling healthy relationships, and giving back, recovery coaches can awaken your child to what’s possible. Instead of focusing on peers they may lose, they’ll see what they stand to gain.

Goodwin House is a safe haven for boys, aged 13 to 17, in the grips of substance use challenges. It’s a place where emotions can be processed and healthy coping strategies can be explored. For many, this part of the work is transformational.

Not all youth addiction centers in Western Massachusetts are alike. Our residential homes allow young people to immerse themselves in recovery. Here, everyone is vulnerable. Everyone’s learning and growing together. This intensive support and the bonds that are formed can be life-changing.

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