State Representative Mark tour CHD Greenfield Center for Wellness

CHD President & CEO, Jim Goodwin hosted Representative Paul Mark for a tour of construction at the new CHD Greenfield Center for Wellness, 102 Main Street in Greenfield.

The project is an integrated care partnership of CHD and Community Health Center of Franklin County (CHCFC). When it opens in 2018, the Center will leverage the Integrated Care Concept, an innovative approach to community wellness that is gaining traction nationwide. The idea is simple: systematic coordination of care among providers located together produces better outcomes for patients.

“CHD is making a massive investment not only in downtown Greenfield, but in the entire Franklin County region,” said Paul Mark, State Representative for the Second Berkshire District. “CHD Greenfield Center for Wellness will be home to a new and innovative model for providing care by offering primary health care, dental health care, counseling for emotional wellness, and access to a broad and far-reaching range of community based supports, all located under one roof. I look forward to seeing this new delivery model in action and hope it will lead to a quick and far-reaching positive impact on the health and wellness of our community and its many residents.”

At CHD Greenfield Center for Wellness, CHCFC, a federally-qualified health care center, will provide services for primary care and dental care, and CHD, a CARF-accredited human services organization, will provide services for emotional wellness and wrap-around community supports. Providers can deliver complementary services that treat the whole person. Referrals can be made to integrated providers located down the hall instead of in another facility or even another city. Patients also can get referrals to a wide range of community-based supports.

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