Four Ways You Can Take Action to Support Local Women Right Now



If the past few weeks have shown us anything, it’s the power of people coming together. We’ve also seen how crucial it is that each of us be actively engaged in the change that we want to see — especially at the local level. By getting involved in one of these programs, you are advocating for the support of local women throughout western Massachusetts and, in a very real way, changing lives. So, go ahead: pick the one that feels right for you and take action today.



Become a big sister

One great way to support women is to become a mentor to a girl. One of our “Bigs,” Ellen, noted that since she has sons and all brothers, being a Big Sister has been a way for her to have a meaningful and close connection with a young woman as she grows up. Big Brothers Big Sisters has immediate needs for Bigs in Western Mass who are willing to spend time with a child once a week for at least one year.

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Support families

Volunteering at the Family Outreach of Amherst means that you are participating in a total support network for families, taking care of the immediate needs of those in crisis, and then building long-term relationships to help break the cycles of poverty and trauma.

For struggling mothers, just getting to school appointments or getting reliable transportation to medical appointments or the grocery store can be a struggle — so a little support makes a world of difference. Family Outreach of Amherst’s volunteer program assists families with transportation, and is always in need of people like you who are willing to go the extra mile.

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Advocate for women in early recovery

Two Rivers in Greenfield is a recovery center for women, including pregnant and post partum women, that offers support in a home-like setting. For many women, addiction is linked to trauma, and Two Rivers offers a support program specifically designed to help women work through trauma, develop coping skills, and find a sense of dignity and self worth.

Grace House in Northampton is a recovery program specifically for mothers, and can house up to fourteen families in an environment that helps families share space and resources to build a strong network of support and safety.

Both programs have the goal of helping women build skills and a support network that allows for them to successfully transition to stable housing and employment.

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Connect with cancer survivors

The Cancer House of Hope in West Springfield provides free support services to all cancer survivors and their families. For many women, it is a place to find resources like prosthetics and wigs, or relaxation with yoga and reiki, but also to find comfort and strength from people who have been through cancer themselves. The Cancer House of Hope is volunteer-run, and is looking for people like you who can commit to three hours per week to help staff the house to be available for walk-ins.

Get involved

If you are interested in getting involved with any of these CHD programs, please contact email Kim Lee or call 413-439-2252

Thank YOU!

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  1. I am the Director of the Southampton Council on Aging. I had a request for a women’s addiction support group in the Southampton Area.
    Can you recommend a contact or place she can get the help she needs?
    Joan Linnehan
    413-426-0675 SCOA 413-529-2105

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